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Add snap-to-x functionality

Aug 30, 2010 at 5:44 PM

It would be really useful for me if the library provided snap-to functionality for draggable elements. For example, say we have an application with two Rectangles with IsDragEnabled=true. With snap-to, dragging either of those Rectangles close to each other would create a "snap-to" effect (a.k.a. "magnetism") so that the Rectangles stick to each other's borders (within a certain range, say 10 pixels or so). It would also be useful to have the Rectangles snap to the edges of the container.

I need to implement this functionality for a project I am working on anyway, and this library is the best and cleanest one I've found, so I'd love to be able to contribute to it. I am fairly new to WPF, but I am a quick learner and will be able to spend several hours a day for the next few weeks working on it. Let me know if anyone is interested in mentoring/working with me on this new feature.

P.S. The project I am working on will probably make use of GraphSharp, so maybe it would make more sense to work on that project. Still, I think "snap-to" functionality is elementary enough that it would be in an extensions library.