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Some extensions for the WPF framework.
Controls, attached behaviours, helper classes, etc.

For example: Zoom Control, DragBehavior, Thread-safe observable collection, etc...

Sample application included!
  • Attached Behaviours
    • DragBehavior: you can add this Behaviour to any FrameworkElement or FrameworkContentElement based control. For the usage see the DragBehaviour Sample
    • Animated Scroll Behaviour: you can add animated scrolling behaviour to any ScrollViewer
    • TextBox Command Behaviour: you can add Command support to any TextBox. Command execution can be triggered in 5 different ways (Disabled, Enter, Focus, Unfocues, TextChange)
    • DispatchedObservableCollection: access the observable collection from a background thread while its bound to the UI in WPF
  • Custom Controls
    • Zoom Control: panning, zooming (with scroll and with zoom box), automatic fill, animated, support templates
      • SHIFT + mouse drag: pan
      • CTRL + mouse scroll: zoom
      • ALT + mouse drag: zoombox
  • Converters
    • BoolToVisibilityConverter: a simple litte IValueConverter which converts bool? to Visibility
  • Helper classes
    • ExtLogicalTreeHelper: helps to find an ancestor of any element in the LogicalTree (can navigate through Parent and TemplatedParent property).
  • Commands, ViewModel
    • CommandSink, CommandSinkBinding (idea, implementation: Josh Smith
    • MapperCommandBinding
      • one of my ideas
      • really handy when you want to use Microsoft's Ribbon Controls and your MVVM architecture with the CommandSinks and CommandSinkBindings

Feature requests are welcome!

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